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Market Intelligence Solutions

Market intelligence does not complicate things, it should make decision-making easier.

About us

SERTA marketing intelligence partner is a Mexican marketing intelligence company with more than 26 years of experience.

Currently supports different companies and industries proposing business intelligence solutions.

We are recognized for working with passion and efficiency in all our projects.

We have national and international coverage for ambitious projects with the highest quality processes on field and data analysis.


"Behind every well done chart there’s a non-recognized artist"
  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Mystery Shopper

Insights research and the explanation of a commercial challenge have great importance. In SERTA we know that we must explain a phenomenon qualitatively for easier understanding to our client.

We are able to get into the consumer’s mind and transform that information into action.

We are very rigorous with the recruitment of our guests. A good result is obtained when we have a group that is perfectly targeted and selected according to the objectives of the research.

We participate actively in the AMAI listings to avoid tricks and biases in our reports.

Main techniques:

  • Focus Group
  • Micro sessions
  • Depth interviews
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Anthropological studies

The statistics and analysis in our intelligence reports are taken with scrutiny and focused on solutions.

The pollsters’ team is conformed by active and ethic people. They are certified in operational processes that are established by the ESIMM.

Main Studies

  • U&A Uses and Attitudes
  • Segmentation
  • Image and positioning
  • Price tracking
  • Price elasticity
  • Gauging
  • Satisfaction
  • Sales potential areas
  • Feasibility of a business success

Main Techniques

  • Face to face
  • Telephone interviews (CATI)
  • Panels ( and online)
  • Trackings
  • Ad-hoc techniques

We are direct and concrete; we create results that make decision-making easier. We don’t confuse our clients with complicated charts. Our job is to generate a tool for decision-making simple.

Mystery Shopper

We must exactly understand the experience that customers have when receiving a service. Also it can help to know if it exists an unauthorized or non-ethic practice in the business.

The Mystery Shopper methodology allows understanding what is happening with a customer that is receiving some service or using some product. We have a specialized team in this technique who also knows how to evaluate perfectly the customer’s experience.

Main techniques

  • Mystery Shopper research
  • Ad-hoc
  • Politics fulfillment
  • Experience the customer’s experience
  • Potential customer profile
  • Price management

Comparación de oferta económica y de servicio actual contra la competencia

Is not about impressing with graphics and dashboards, it is about helping to make the correct decisions

How we work

What distinguishes us…

To explain and communicate a phenomenon is a challenge: in SERTA we know how to do it.


Presence in over 25 countries


25 years


Constantly trained
and updated.
Ad-hoc methodologies

Team work

People, strategies
and methodologies with
a common goal

Customized service

Each customer receives
attention for every single
concern according to
their specific needs

Passion for what we do

Dedication, positive attitude and compromise in each project.


All the results are always deliberated in time

Strategic partners

We forge long-term
relationships with
our customers

Guaranteed satisfaction

We exceed our customer’s expectations


  • Own fieldwork Area
  • Gesell chamber
  • SERTA Extranet©
  • CATI - Call Center
Campo propio

The quality of the fieldwork is the heart of marketing intelligence. SERTA uses certified and experienced pollsters internally managed.

Each pollster knows de ethic’s importance and is exhaustively supervised to meet all quality standards in their work.

We support working close with our fieldwork team that covers the quality expectative of any project we develop. We also have a network of national and globally accredited partners.


Our chambers have the following advantages:

  • Direct observation room (mirror)
  • Direct observation room with cameras
  • Executive office
  • Food service
  • Internet
  • Internet streaming transmission
  • Air conditioning
  • Parking

To get maximum approach of the research we have comfortable and distraction free facilities.

SERTA Extranet

Clients can use the online service we provide to receive and store all the projects we have developed for them.

SERTA Extranet©, service offers to store all the information, analysis or reports online in a 100% confidential and safe way, so that our clients could hav e them available 24/7.

Call center

We count with computerized telephone workstations to develop national and international projects. The pollsters are certified professionals with an extensive experience on telephone surveys.

Automotive aftermarket


Since 2004, SERTA is integrated with GiPA Group consolidating its globalization and growth, representing GiPA in Mexico and Central America.

GiPA is a global leading company in automotive aftermarket business intelligence.

Thanks to this partnership we have coverage in more than 25 countries and a great recognition in the industry.

To learn more about GiPA, visit




Since 1998, SERTA is part of AMAI (Mexican Marketing Intelligence Association and Public Opinion) Asociación Mexicana de Agencias de Investigación de Mercados y Opinión Pública)

Our organization is committed with the values and criteria that are established by this Institution. Currently Serta’s president serves as vice president of this institution and our director runs the academic committee.

SERTA counts with the ESIMM certification awarded annually by the QS international firm that ensures quality and transparency in all internal processes of AMAI’s agencies.



In 2010 we joined this association that is highly recognized in Europe for having a global integration in the market intelligence field and for keeping abreast with the latest methodologies.


"We take our client’s challenges and make them ours; we want them to make the best decisions for their markets"

Real estate development and housing


Banking and financial


Mass media

Entertainment and fun

Food and beverages

Consumer and industrial products


Department stores



ESIMM (Service standard for marketing intelligence in Mexico)

AMAI rule that certifies the effective application of quality procedures in operative processes in a marketing intelligence company in Mexico.


ISO 20 252

International rule for marketing intelligence, social and public opinión companies that rules the procedures of a quality management system (ISO 9001) focused on specific topics of the industry. It also allows to have an efficient and reliable work model of the organization and to the clients.


Is important to know who we are,
but for SERTA is more important
to know who our clients are.

Tel: +52 (55) 55623264